Tax Preparation

For over 20 years, I have been saving taxpayers money through my tax  return preparation. I am experienced in all types: individual,  corporate, Sub-S, LLC, Schedule C, non-profits, and trusts.

When I prepare a tax return, I am an advocate of the taxpayer.  That’s right; I am on the taxpayer’s side! The courts have held there is  nothing illegal or sinister in a taxpayer striving to pay the lowest  tax legally available.

I have prepared over 4,000 returns and only one was audited. All  tax returns that I prepare come with a free guarantee of accuracy; at  other places you pay for the guarantee.

You will enjoy freedom from worry about tax law changes with my  continuing education, avoid frustration with no more missed deadlines,  mistakes, surprises, or being the last to know, and experience better  comprehension as I help you to understand your situation in easy  terminology.

If I find a missed refund or credit or if my many years of  experience and continuing education result in a lower tax bill, then my  service can pay for itself.

For instance, did you know that a taxpayer business that uses fuel  for off-road use, such as lawn care, boating, or farming, is entitled  to a refundable credit? Most of my clients have a small business,  whether a Schedule C, Sub S, or LLC, so I keep up to date with allowed  expenses and credits plus I find many that are “hidden”.

Please do not leave money on the table; let this professional CPA prepare your tax returns.

Adding Machine (not currently used)
Adding Machine (not currently used)

Small Business Expert


EXPERT Tax Advice AND Income Tax Preparation WITHOUT THE HASSLE!


While business owners  are often specialists in their industry they are rarely also tax or  accounting experts. Yet, the financial security of your business depends  on well-organized and accurate accounting and tax preparation.

The following are important reasons every business owner should hire a Certified Public Accountant:   

  • You’ll  have better accounting of your business, including the total ledger  balance, detailed debits and credits, as well as profit and loss. An  accomplished CPA has the insight and skills necessary to keep a handle  on your business.
  • You’ll  have a more accurate assessment of your taxes. A CPA provides tax  advice as well as verifying your tax compliance and the ability to ward  off potential tax problems.
  • You  can avoid learning another highly technical system. An experienced CPA  has spent years learning tax and accounting software so you don’t have  to. 
  • You’ll  have better business planning. A knowledgeable CPA can act as an  adviser and perform business reviews to support key financial decisions  before you get into trouble.

These are just a few of the  important reasons why business owners benefit from engaging the  expertise of a certified public accountant for their businesses. It’s a  little known fact that accountants don’t just crunch the numbers. They  deliver essential tax and business advice that is vital to your company  and the future of your business success. 


IRS Problem Resolution


IRS Problem Resolution is No Longer Your Problem - I Take Care of It!

No  business owner I have ever known has time for everything they need to  do. Running a business is a hard job and when you receive a tax notice,  you don’t have time to research the current tax law or review the  changes in forms - you want answers and quick.

It is frustrating to receive a notice from the dreaded IRS. That's why I have a magic wand: to deal with the IRS and resolve your issues! 

Since  you are emotionally involved, it is better for me to address the  situation because l know the lingo and how to interpret what the IRS wants. Most of the time I can have penalties removed, quickly determine the next course of action, and reduce your stress.

As I tell clients "Should you receive a tax notice, I’ll wave  my magic wand and resolve the issue." I do this all the time!

Tara Still, CPA with her Magic Wand
Tara Still, CPA with her Magic Wand