Restaurant Licensing

Licensing Services: Assistance with Restaurant Start-Up Including Alcohol Licensure

Obtaining a restaurant license can be a complicated process - even more so if you want a retail beverage (alcohol) license. Florida law requires new owners of food service establishments to obtain a license from the Division of Hotels and Restaurant before opening for business.
Florida rules require that operators of restaurants and other food service establishments submit properly prepared facility plans and specifications to the division for review and approval no matter whether the restaurant is:

  • Newly constructed
  • Remodeled
  • Converted from another prior use
  • Reopened after being closed at least one year

The first determination is whether the restaurant is subject to plan review, which is costly and time-consuming. It involves submitting scaled drawings, the menu, and water and sewer supply evaluation. You are also required to make a $150 payment along with a 2-page application and license fee. If the site has been a restaurant and closed for less than one year, all that is needed is a 2-page application and a license fee.

Hetzel Accounting, Inc. is familiar with the laws and regulations. I can make the process of obtaining a restaurant license go smoothly, so you can get back to the work that's necessary to get your restaurant doors open to start making money.

If you are a new restaurant owner struggling to understand and navigate restaurant licensing, you've got help

Call my office at 727-577-8145 today. I will make your accounting and licensing services convenient, secure and stress-free. 

Assisting restaurant owners in obtaining the licenses they need is one of my specialties. I will work with you to determine whether the restaurant is subject to plan review and what forms are needed to get the process rolling.

In other cases, you need only the application and license fee. When obtaining a license to serve alcohol, the procedure requires sign-offs from the zoning department in the municipality where the restaurant is located, from the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR), and from the restaurant licensing division of the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR). The owners of the business may be subjected to fingerprinting.

The most difficult part is to determine in what municipality the site is located and then completing that location's particular sign-off procedures. This may entail appearing at a zoning commission hearing, providing even more fingerprints, and/or completing a different set of applications.

If you are opening a restaurant, use my contact form and I will respond as soon as possible. My certified public accountant experience will be to your advantage and l can meet your immediate restaurant licensing needs.

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