IRS Problem Resolution is No Longer Your Problem - WeTake Care of It!

No business owner we have ever known has time for everything they need to do. Running a business is a hard job and when you receive a tax notice, you don’t have time to research the current tax law or review the changes in forms - you want answers and quick.

It is frustrating to receive a notice from the dreaded IRS. That's why I have a magic wand: to deal with the IRS and resolve your issues!

Since you are emotionally involved, it is better for me to address the situation because l know the lingo and how to interpret what the IRS wants. Most of the time I can have penalties removed, quickly determine the next course of action, and reduce your stress.

President Tara Still and her Magic Wand!

When you hire me, Tara Still, CPA, I will provide expert, up-to-date tax advice and skilled income tax preparation.

No more missed deadlines, no more unpleasant surprises and no more headaches. As I tell clients "Should you receive a tax notice, I’ll wave my magic wand and resolve the issue." I do this all the time!

Complete my online contact form and I will respond as soon possible. Don’t struggle with income tax preparation or IRS notices any longer - get an experienced certified public accountant to help.