Guarantee of Accuracy

The Hetzel Accounting, Inc. Guarantee of Accuracy:
In the unlikely event that an error occurs on a tax return I've prepared for you and the mistake was in my preparation, I will correct it promptly at no additional charge.
You are responsible for any additional tax, as it is owed anyway, along with interest, since you had the use of the money not paid to the IRS.  In most situations, I am able to wave my magic wand to have penalties removed.
If you fail to provide all the pertinent documents for accurate preparation and an error is discovered by the IRS, I will assist you in the connection of the return and bill for the time expended.
As an established and reputable CPA with a track record of customer service excellence, I am willing to go to bat for you with the IRS and stand by you at an audit to explain how the return was prepared.
As they say, "the best defense is a great offense."
Getting your tax return prepared accurately with the necessary paperwork, good recordkeeping, and documentation of tax decisions made on how each item was treated is the best way to prove to the lRS that you were serious, thoughtful, and thorough when preparing you return.
Complete my contact form today and I will respond as soon as possible. My certified public accountant experience can solve your immediate and long-term tax and accounting needs.